X Spot Spinal Surgery

The X Spot Spinal Surgery actually uses the X-Stop device, but has become popular as the X-Spot method. The X-Stop device is a titanium alloy implant which is mainly engineered for filling in the cavities that are left behind after a spinal operation. Removing spinal hernias can provide immense relief in the short term, but if the holes are left behind, there's always a possibility of the hernia recurring. If it recurs, it will generally happen along the holes that are created by the previous surgical procedure. When the X-Stop device is used, there is no chance of any spinal pain making a comeback so that the relief will be for the long term. Also, the need for bending forward to get relief from spinal pains will be eliminated.

The implant is made of titanium alloy and has been designed with an oval base and two disk shaped wings. The oval base fits in between two subsequent spinal processes where the hernia has been operated upon and the wings are meant to make the implant stabilized in its position. It must be noted that the device does not fit upon the vertebra or the spinal cord themselves.

The process of insertion of the X-Stop implant takes less than an hour under normal conditions. The insertion can be carried out under local anesthesia in most cases, but general anesthesia may be provided. The patient is made to mimic a sitting position while the insertion is done. Since the anesthesia is local, the patient will not go into complete unconsciousness and is able to speak with the surgeon. This reduces the chances of accidents of anesthetic overdose which might occur with open surgeries.

The procedure is completely reversible. In case the patient or the doctor feels for some reason that the implant needs to be removed, it can be done. Even replacement of the device is possible if needed.

Most of these insertions can be done in an outpatient mode if needed, because there is no hospitalization required in most cases. This is much beneficial from the previously used laparoscopic techniques which need a lot of aftercare, thus increasing costs. The X-Stop method is a very affordable and effective spinal correction technique.

Hospitalization is not needed because of the safe manner in which this technique is performed. The anesthesia used is local and hence there is no recovery time needed. The method is not quite as invasive as other techniques. Hence, there is very less bleeding and subsequent scarring. Bones and soft tissues are not removed in most cases. Due to all these reasons, there is no need for the patient to be hospitalized. They can be up and about the next day if they want.

The X Spot spinal surgery closely follows the developments in the fields of plastic surgery, eye surgery, prostate gland treatments and urology treatments. This has already become a popular method of treatment because of the very short time it needs for its execution and the long term benefits that it provides.

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